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Our Foreign Tooth Fairy

Today my five year old lost her first tooth. It happened really fast. When I left for work there were no loose teeth. Late morning Marybeth calls me at work to tell me that she has a “wiggly tooth”. Around 4PM she calls back to tell that the tooth is out and that the Tooth Fairy is coming tonight.

We have a special Tooth Fairy that comes to our house. Our Tooth Fairy refuses to get into competitions with the other Tooth Fairies in the neighborhood about how much a tooth is worth. Our Tooth Fairy only brings foreign money. Our oldest daughter has loved it. She has gotten coins from Africa, Belgium, Thailand, France, Argentina, Germany, and the EU. She always looks forward to finding out where the next coin will come from.

I’ll have to find out what the Tooth Fairy’s stash of foreign coins holds tonight. :-)   Hmmm…I wonder if that fairy has any Hungarian Forint?


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