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SCCM Reinstall – change of plans

It took a really long time to get the VM set up correctly for my reinstall of the SCCM server. Finally got it around 2pm yesterday and proceeded to install Server 2008. After starting that process and being really impressed with my first look at Server 2008, I started looking into the process for installing SCCM. Then I came across several posts about SCCM not being supported on Server 2008 til SP1. The firmest one I found was here. In it Wally Mead states (emphasis added), “SP1 is the only release that does support Windows Server 2008 for any site system role other than the System Health Validator. So yes, you do have to wait, there is no workaround.” That would be a pretty firm statement. And with some of the issues I was running into…it wasn’t worth the chaos…especially not when I really need to get this box back up and running ASAP.

Now the bummer is that SP1 will be released by the end of the month…heck, it might be released next week. But I can’t wait that long to get this machine running again. I will probably be doing another migration to Server 2008 within a month of the release of SP1, but I just can’t do it now.

That stinks.

May 16, 2008 - Posted by | ConfigMgr


  1. I had it working in the lab. Initially, there was no WebDAV, but with that released, it’s doable. Also, why not just install SP1 RC?

    Comment by Brian Mason | May 18, 2008

  2. Hey Brian…good hearing from you. Being that this is in my production environment, I’m not enthusiastic about throwing pre-release software (even a release candidate) into it. I am going to wait on SP1 through…just posted about it.

    Comment by Jarvis | May 18, 2008

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