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SCCM Reinstall – Take 3

At the risk of sounding a bit schizophrenic, I’ve changed my mind again…I’m going to reinstall SCCM on Server 2008. Several reasons behind the change of plans. This will also serve as a bit of a response to Brian Mason’s comment on my previous SCCM post.

First, I had forgotten how much tweaking I had to do in the OS on Server 2003 to get certain things to work. In particular, there were several things I had to tweak to get patching working. WSUS and SCCM weren’t playing well together. After installing Server 2003 on Friday and following my notes for what fixed the issue last time, and checking several things over the weekend…patching still isn’t working. Feeling the need to get patching working was my main reason for wanting to not wait on SP1. But then I thought some more and realized reasons 2 and 3 below. (And with the issues I was experiencing, I’m not convinced that I could get it completely working before SP1 hits…and I really don’t want to go through this process twice.)

Second, I don’t have that many users on SCCM right now (approximately 100). This need for a rebuild happened before I moved my entire environment to it, so it makes it possible to put a pause on SCCM until SP1 is released this month.

Third, a combination of not that many new patches in May and not having that many machines on SCCM. I can set a few GPO settings to point those machines to Microsoft Update for this month’s patches…then get them back on SCCM after the reinstall.

Fourth, I’m hoping that SP1 will be released sooner (this week) rather than later (end of the month…next week). We shall see.

So, tomorrow I go back in and drive our VM guy crazy again. I need those RDM disks added to a Server 2008 VM instead of the Server 2003 VM that they are currently on…yes…the same Server 2008 machine that he just moved them off of. Sorry Cesar!

May 18, 2008 Posted by | ConfigMgr | 2 Comments