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Bulldog Cookies

Anyone who knows me for long knows that I am an Ole Miss fan. I had been part of the Central Florida Ole Miss Alumni Club for several years and was very pleasantly surprised to discover that there is a Twin Cities Ole Miss Alumni Club. It’s nice to have other like minded people to be able to get together to watch ballgames with.

One of the games that Ole Miss plays every year is the Egg Bowl. This is the game against the Mississippi State Bulldogs at the end of the regular season. It is named such because of the trophy that features a brass football, but the football is the shape of a football from 1927 (the first year the trophy was awarded), which looks more like a rugby ball…kinda egg-like. Anyway, this year was a very lopsided Ole Miss win (45-0). The Ole Miss defense held State to 37 total yards…and negative 51 yards rushing. They sacked the three Bulldog quarterbacks 11 times. It was pretty ugly.

Now, I don’t get into sports trash-talking. I’ve never enjoyed it. I don’t like being on the receiving end of it, and I don’t intentionally dish it out myself either. All that to make sure this next part isn’t misinterpreted…it’s not trash talking…just something I thought was funny. The week after that game I got an email from one of the guys in the Central Florida Ole Miss club. His ten year old nephew had come up to him with a question:

How do you make bulldog cookies?

I don’t know, how do you make bulldog cookies?

You put them in an Egg Bowl and beat the heck out of them for four hours.

December 7, 2008 - Posted by | comedy, sports

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