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Searching the ConfigMgr Documentation

I have often been frustrated with the online ConfigMgr documentation library. It is simply not very user friendly. The organization is cludgy, but what really has made it unusable is that the search function on the page can’t be restricted to just the ConfigMgr section…it finds results from all of TechNet. I don’t want results from Exchange…I just want the results from ConfigMgr.

Today I came across an article written by Cliff Hobbs about this very issue…along with how to restrict the searches to give the results you are looking for. The info in that article actually makes the doc library usable. Although…I still say it needs to be overhauled to be more user friendly. You shouldn’t have to remember a search string to enter in order to be able to restrict the results.

The basic gist is that in every search you must include the following in the search string: "configuration manager"

Thanks a ton for posting that Cliff!

December 3, 2008 - Posted by | ConfigMgr

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