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Update on KB955955 Error

A few weeks ago I posted about a problem I was having with the KB955955 update for ConfigMgr. I was having an issue with the update failing to apply, and I posted another way of applying the update that was supposed to work. (I was clear to point out that I had not tested it…I was relying on another post.)

Well…two problems. First…I read the documentation wrong…which is why I was getting the error. Second…if you use the method that I mentioned in the original post…your SUP won’t patch the system during the Build and Capture task sequence. So…ignore my original post.

The mistake I made in reading the documentation was regarding the installation properties…specifically which Package ID to replace in the following string:


I goofed and put the Package ID of the ConfigMgr package that the KB955955 patch creates in the console. That should have been the Package ID of the ConfigMgr client installation package…which is clearly stated in the documentation.

Once I put the correct Package ID in the string and retested…not only does the patch apply…the SUP doesn’t break!

April 20, 2009 - Posted by | ConfigMgr


  1. Thanks for the info, very helpful!

    I have a followup-question regarding 64bit installations and this patch.
    I can download both x86 and x64 versions of the KB955955 patch.
    I’ve installed SCCM on a Win2008x64 OS, so I can only run the x64 executable on my system.
    My question is, does the different patches apply to the system SCCM is installed to, or is it the actual OS I’m deploying?
    I’m deploying Win2003x86 and Win2008x64 through SCCM, will I have to create 2 different “Setup COnfigMgr and Windows” steps with 2 different patches (1 for x86 and 1 for x64) and make some queries to difference between them?

    Hope you understand my question :) Thanks in advance!

    Comment by Ola | May 6, 2009

  2. Your post helped me discover that using the line from the KB article was blowing up the ConfigMgr install. Basically, the KB says to use “%_SMSTSMDataPath%” which was expanding to D:\ with my download & run advertisement. I hard coded it with “C:\” and it as your example shows and it worked fine.

    Comment by np | March 17, 2011

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