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KB948098 Typos (SCOM)

Lately I have been working on a SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) engagement for a client. During that engagement, I ran into some issues with the SCOM Gateway server which led me to KB948098. The “result” and “cause” sections are actually very helpful. The “resolution” section should have never been posted in its current form.…and it was posted over a year and a half ago.

First a minor issue. Step 4 in the article has a typo. (the word should be “workaround” instead of “workgroup”). Also, the last line of Step 4 is: “Then go to Step 4.”

Step 5 is simply a disaster.  There is a reference to “in step 4” that has nothing to do with Step 4. The command line for the Gateway Approval Tool has TWO mistakes. The command listed in the article is:

Microsoft.EnterpriseManagemt.GatewayApprovalTool /ManagementServer=<management Server FQDN_name> /PrincipalName=<gateway_server_FQDN_name> /Action=Create

The switches in that command line should be:

    • /ManagementServerName – NOT /ManagementServer
    • /GatewayName – NOT /PrincipalName

Also in Step 5, the SQL Query statement has a typo in the table name. The table name should be “mt_healthservice” instead of “mtv_healthservice”

FYI…I already used the feedback form at the bottom of that page to leave this feedback. Hopefully this will help others who come across that article until Microsoft fixes it.

September 7, 2009 - Posted by | Microsoft


  1. Sily Microsft amd tehir sily tipos!

    Comment by Jason | September 7, 2009

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