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ConfigMgr SP2 Availability

Today I saw some confusion about when SP2 for ConfigMgr will be available. Everyone agrees that the release is 90 days after Windows 7, what they don’t agree on is whether the Windows 7 date is the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) date or the GA (General Availability). Since RTM was July 22, and GA is October 22, this is an important distinction. So which is it?

What was announced at the Microsoft Management Summit, and has been re-confirmed since is that SP2 will be released within 90 days of the Windows 7 RTM. So…that would mean that we will hopefully be able to get our hands on ConfigMgr SP2 within the next couple of weeks.

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ConfigMgr Upgrade / Migration Planning

Just a note to those who are moving to ConfigMgr from SMS 2003 (or earlier). Take the time to properly architect the ConfigMgr implementation…don’t just upgrade the existing infrastructure without re-thinking the design to ensure it makes sense for your business. There have been enough changes in scalability (and much more) that your existing architecture may not make sense with ConfigMgr…you could be wasting money on servers/licenses/administration by just keeping the same structure.

Example: I’ve been working with a client over the last week on an SMS 2003 to ConfigMgr migration. When I looked at their existing SMS 2003 infrastructure, it included a Central Site, four Primaries, and 26 Secondaries. The Central and all four primaries are in the same physical location. There are about 8000 clients. If I moved that design to ConfigMgr, it would just be overkill…and a serious waste of money for the client.

Turns out that the client’s SMS 2003 infrastructure was a direct upgrade from SMS 2.0 a long time ago. Personally, I never worked with SMS 2.0, so I don’t know if that was well designed or over designed. What I do know is that the ConfigMgr environment that I designed for them is significantly simpler. They save a ton on licensing, and it will be significantly easier to manage…along with providing them the flexibility that they need for any future expansion.

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