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User Group SWAG!!!

A while back I wrote that I became president of the Minnesota System Center User Group. Right after becoming president, the former president (Joey Gleason) told us about Microsoft’s User Group Support Services. UGSS helps technical community leaders with speakers, funding, publicity and SWAG for events.

Pretty soon after that, Tim Zabilla (the VP of the user group) signed up our group with UGSS. A couple of months later Tim and I got an email from UGSS giving us the opportunity to register for a “User Group Kit”. The email said the kit would be a $500 value of SWAG to give away at the user group. I jumped on it and immediately registered our group for one of the kits before they ran out.

It arrived today. WOW! So…inside were really two kits. First was the “Leadership Assistance Kit” pictured to the side (click it for a better view). It contained:DSCF4406


But…that wasn’t all…that was just the Leadership Assistance Kit. The actual “User Group Kit” contained the following for us to use as giveaways:

DSCF4407Ask my wife…I was excited. Then I read the letter that came with the kit and got surprised again. The exact quote was: “we are getting back on our regular schedule of shipping user group kits on a quarterly basis. Enclosed is your group’s kit for this quarter.” Seriously? In a few months we’re going to get another one of these!

That is AWESOME! I can hardly wait til the February meeting (Feb 18) to give a bunch of stuff away!

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