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Green Romans?

A few nights ago as my wife was finishing up the nightly Bible reading with our daughters, my eight year old asked my wife about the trip to Israel that our local radio station (KTIS) has talked about. One of the things that the station mentioned about the trip was something about “walking in the footsteps of Jesus”. My daughter was skeptical…knowing that there is no way that footprints could survive two thousand years. Julie explained that they were just meaning that you could visit Bethlehem, Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee and other places that Jesus visited.

Marybeth thought for a second then very seriously asked if the cross was still there. I explained how the cross that Jesus died on was very likely used many times before Jesus…and many times after Jesus because of how the Romans used crucifixion as a means of execution.

Without missing a beat Marybeth sing-songed one of the more morbidly funny things I have ever heard:

Reduce Reuse Recycle!”

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Why People Write Viruses

Tonight over dinner I was telling my wife about a conversation I had with someone today about a virus issue at a company. One of my daughters asked why people write viruses. Before I could formulate an answer I hear the lovely voice of my wife pipe up:

“Because their fathers beat them and their mothers dressed them funny.”

Now that I think about it, I don’t know that I ever did actually answer my daughter’s question! :-)

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