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Top 20 Sessions of MMS 2013

I knew that the Microsoft Management Summit was going to be very busy this year…especially after getting three breakout sessions and one “birds of a feather” session on my speaking schedule. (I’m still honored to be asked to speak at all…much less to speak multiple times.) I dramatically underestimated the level of exhaustion that would result from that schedule! I was very surprised to see the results of the session evals after the conference ended. My unspoken goal was to have a session ranked in the top ten for the event…I hadn’t even mentioned that goal to my wife. Even with that goal in mind I was still very surprised to see the eval results at the end…to have the highest rated session of the event! I’m still in shock…and very excited! One of my other sessions is also tied for 12th for the event!

I know all of the speakers would join me in thanking the attendees for taking the time to rate the sessions. We appreciate the feedback…and that data is part of what Microsoft uses to determine who is invited to speak again. Below are the top 20 sessions for the event based on the average of the “overall satisfaction” question. One other interesting note when you look at the top 20…how many times you see Johan listed. Six out of his seven sessions were in the top 20…including half of the top 10! Wow!

All of the sessions from MMS are available on Channel 9, and I’ve included direct links to the top 20 below.

Rank Code Title Primary Speaker
1 UD-B201 Hierarchy Simplification with Configuration Manager 2012 Jarvis Davis
2 DC-B316 Real World Windows 8 Deployment with MDT 2012 Update 1 Johan Arwidmark
3 DC-B303 Advanced Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 Update 1 Customizations Mikael Nystrom, Johan Arwidmark
4 DC-B306 Building the Perfect Windows 8 Image Johan Arwidmark, Mikael Nystrom
5 IM-B402 Debug Production Application Issues using System Center Operations Manager Mickey Gousset, Brian Randell
6 SD-B312 Configuring Service Manager for Performance and Scale Nathan Lasnoski
7 SD-B317 Best Practices For Runbook Authoring and Managing Orchestrator Anders Bengtsson, Pete Zerger
8 SD-B302 Automating System Center Deployment with the Powershell Deployment Toolkit Rob Willis
9 BOF02 Microsoft Desktop Deployment Toolkit Roundtable Johan Arwidmark, Mikael Nystrom
10 DC-B301 A Geek’s Guide to USMT 5.0 Johan Arwidmark
11 UD-B341 Complex Maintenance Using System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and Orchestrator: Patching a Cluster Neil Peterson
12 DC-B313 Maximizing Windows 8 Performance: Troubleshooting Tips Johan Arwidmark
13 UD-B327 The WHY of Configuration Manager: Methods of Deployment Jarvis Davis
14 SD-B318 Orchestrator Best Practices: Lessons Learned at Cargill Vaughn Nerdahl
15 UD-B408 Configuration Manager … Actually Jason Sandys, Kim Oppalfens
16 WS-B309 File Storage Strategies for Private Cloud Jose Barreto
17 MMS102 Open Sourced: myITforum Unplugged Rod Trent, Ron Crumbaker
18 SD-B307 Optimize Your Data Center with Datacenter Services from Microsoft Services Adam Fazio, David Ziembicki
19 WS-B335 Windows Server 2012: Private Cloud and Security Jeff Woolsey
20 DV-B306 Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.0: Migration and Coexistence George Matthews

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