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FCAT Score

Disclaimer: This post is shameless bragging on my daughter.

In Florida there is a standardized test called the FCAT…the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. It is given to students in grades 3-11. In 3rd grade, they have to get a certain score on the reading section to be able to pass the grade (there are some exceptions, but that is the basic rule).

So…Laurel is in 3rd grade. She reads books that are way above grade level constantly. We weren’t at all concerned about her passing…it was more a matter of how high would she score. Even we were surprised.

The “on grade level” score for reading was 1198. Laurel’s score was 1986. The best Julie could determine from the detailed report is that she missed one point in two categories on the entire reading section.

Then we looked at her math score. “On grade level” is 1269. Laurel scored 2225. The highest score possible on the math section…2225. Wow.

Apparently Julie gave the kid some pretty good genes! Awesome job Laurel!

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