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Sinus Garbage: Take 2

Headed back to the doctor on Saturday. Since starting the azithromycin, my throat got significantly worse, and both ears were killing me. Saw a different doctor yesterday. Definitely sinusitis, and add an ear infection in on top of it.

She took me off of the medication I was on, and put me on Avelox and Rhinocort. I really hope those two get the job done…I discovered as I was checking out at the pharmacy that neither of them are on the “preferred drugs” list for our health insurance. $50 co-pay EACH. I went in expecting to pay $10…I was a bit surprised to see the extra zero.

She also recommended Benadryl for some of the symptoms, so I picked some up. Boy did I ever figure out that I hate that stuff. It made me loopy. I was barely functional…I didn’t exactly lose the ability to sit upright, but it wasn’t far from it. After that one dose wore off, I went back to the Mucinex-D that I had been using before. It handled the symptoms and leaves me able to walk around and carry on a conversation.

It has really struck me how much this sickness has taken out of me. I am just all over weak. In the middle of the night I woke up hungry (because I haven’t felt like eating much in four days), so I grabbed a banana. I got out of breath standing in the kitchen eating a banana. Everything I do just wears me down. I simply have no energy at all.

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Sinus Garbage

About once a year, I come down with some sinus garbage that knocks me out cold. This week has been it. It started as basic allergy like symptoms…then sinus headache…then fever…then chills…then sore throat…then all over body aches. This week has really been murder. Went to the doctor this morning. I think over the course of the last few years I have visited every doctor in the practice with this issue. Got my antibiotics…Azithromycin is my friend. Hopefully I’ll start making a turnaround tonight. Boy do I ever hope so.

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