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Sinus Garbage: Take 2

Headed back to the doctor on Saturday. Since starting the azithromycin, my throat got significantly worse, and both ears were killing me. Saw a different doctor yesterday. Definitely sinusitis, and add an ear infection in on top of it.

She took me off of the medication I was on, and put me on Avelox and Rhinocort. I really hope those two get the job done…I discovered as I was checking out at the pharmacy that neither of them are on the “preferred drugs” list for our health insurance. $50 co-pay EACH. I went in expecting to pay $10…I was a bit surprised to see the extra zero.

She also recommended Benadryl for some of the symptoms, so I picked some up. Boy did I ever figure out that I hate that stuff. It made me loopy. I was barely functional…I didn’t exactly lose the ability to sit upright, but it wasn’t far from it. After that one dose wore off, I went back to the Mucinex-D that I had been using before. It handled the symptoms and leaves me able to walk around and carry on a conversation.

It has really struck me how much this sickness has taken out of me. I am just all over weak. In the middle of the night I woke up hungry (because I haven’t felt like eating much in four days), so I grabbed a banana. I got out of breath standing in the kitchen eating a banana. Everything I do just wears me down. I simply have no energy at all.

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