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Trip to My Cousin’s Funeral

When I found out last week that my cousin Carrie had died, I assumed that I wasn’t going to be able to afford to go. My first looking at flights seemed to confirm that…they started at $640 and went up sharply from there. NO way I could afford that on my missionary salary! Then I came across flights from Sanford FL (just north of Orlando) to Wichita through Allegiant Airlines. Total cost of my flight was $96…and no…I didn’t leave off a number…it was under $100.

I spent a lot of time with my Aunt and her family. Got to spend time with my cousin Robert (Carrie’s brother) and Robert’s wife Karoline who I’ve never had the opportunity to really talk with. I really enjoyed spending time with them. My aunt asked me to speak at Carrie’s memorial service. That was truly an honor. I was happy to do so.

Robert and Karoline had just gotten there. Robert was playing bass guitar for a punk/hardcore/thrash band that was in the midst of a tour of Europe when he got the call (honestly not sure if that link is the band he was touring with…he plays with a few bands). Karoline spent twelve hours getting in touch with him and getting him a flight back home.

Robert and I have joked (sort of joked…partially serious) about applying for The Amazing Race. We are opposite on almost everything you can imagine. Politics, religion, height, appearance, vocational choice, amount of body art, diet…name it…we are probably opposite. I have to imagine the producers would at least consider us…they would be expecting big fights which would make for great “reality TV”. Funny thing is that we get along really well.

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