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Windows 10 OneDrive Bug

I have been a long time user of OneDrive for both accessing my files from multiple devices as well as backing up all my files to the cloud. Recently I installed the Windows 10 Technical Preview on my laptop (which I have really liked btw). This week the first update to Win10 (Build 9860) was released and I installed it. After the install, I noticed that it said it had to resynchronize OneDrive which I thought was a bit odd. Today I found out why.

I was going to copy a file from my locally synced OneDrive folder into an email message…except that the file wasn’t there. It also wasn’t on OneDrive (the website) when I checked. But…I could still open the doc from my recent items in MS Word…which said it was on OneDrive. As I started investigating I realized that there are now TWO OneDrive folders on my laptop.


When looking at each individually, one points to c:\users\username\OneDrive…while the other points to c:\users\username\SkyDrive. And no…they are not linked folders that are actually the same. Both are north of 43Gb (files/music/pictures), but one has 18,694 files and the other has 18,902 files. I’m nearly positive that I want those extra 208 files.

It appears that the OneDrive app in the initial build of Win10 pointed to the SkyDrive folder. Build 9860 now points OneDrive to the OneDrive folder. But…it didn’t migrate those or link them or anything…and since the OneDrive app is not pointing to the SkyDrive folder…it obviously DOES NOT SYNC them!!! This has been problematic, because I have been using the “Recent Locations” functionality in MS Word to save files…which has put them into the old SkyDrive folder that is no longer being synced. I need to migrate those extra files over…then kill the SkyDrive folder…which btw…will let me reclaim over 43GB of disk space!

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