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My church has a men’s group that meets at 6am once a week. We are going through Men’s Fraternity material. We have a thousand men that show up every week. Today was our last meeting til January, so I took my camera. First pic is taken from up front. The guy standing to the right is our pastor. The second pic is of my table…Table 41. I forgot to take it before the meeting started, so one guy who has to leave early ever week isn’t in the shot. Maybe I’ll photoshop him in later.

As a group we have been growing and helping each other process the next steps that we need to take to be the men that God has called us to be.

A verse that some of us have been quoting to each other is 1 Corinthians 16:13-14: “Be watchful. Stand firm in the faith. Act like men. Be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.” This verse has a great combination of wariness of the temptation to sin around us, exhortations to be the man God has called us to be, along with the reminder that in the midst of being that man…it is to be done in the context of love. Watchfulness, firmness, manhood, strength…all noble goals…but not complete without a backdrop of love. We have come to refer to that verse as the “Maximus Verse”. Picture Maximus from the movie Gladiator quoting that verse…specifically when he is on the floor of the coliseum confronting Commodus…strength under control defined.

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  1. “My church has a men’s group that meets at 6am once a week.”

    You see, you’d never, ever find a Mac user writing that sentence either.

    Comment by max | November 29, 2007

  2. Max left comments all over my blog after getting a bit miffed by a couple of my Mac posts. Here is my response to him.

    Comment by Jarvis | November 29, 2007

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