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One reason I hate election season

During any election season the number of phone calls in America goes through the roof. Doesn’t matter if you are on the National Do Not Call list…political calls are exempt. During election season we screen every phone call that comes in. If you don’t talk to the answering machine and sound like someone I know…it doesn’t get answered.

Tonight we had let multiple phone calls go unanswered. A few minutes ago my oldest daughter (who didn’t know why we weren’t answering the phone) answered a phone call. She brought it over to me. I got on and the guy started going into his spiel about wanting to ask questions of voters about certain candidates and issues. I very politely said, “No thank you.”

At that point the guy is reaching for the button on his phone to hang up and mumbles the word “a##hole” under his breath before he actually hit the button. Not only are you one of the people disturbing the peace of my home, but you insult me before hanging up. Now I could have hung up on the guy in mid-sentence, but no…I was polite enough to wait until he got to a pausing point and politely tell him no. There is a reason I don’t answer the phone…being polite apparently doesn’t pay. I will still continue to be nice if one of them gets through the screening process again, but this type of thing is why I despise election season.

I really wish I had listened closer to which group he was with. It was something that sounded like “Public Insights”.

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