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Beach Ball Freeze Tag

Recently we were visiting Julie’s grandparents. My daughters and I were playing on their really large back porch. It started with me just throwing a beach ball at them. It ended up being a game of freeze tag. I was always “it”, and the way to freeze them was by hitting them with the beach ball. Because of the nature of the beach ball…it doesn’t matter how hard it is thrown, it’s not going to hurt anyone. They loved it…and it was a very easy way for me to keep them entertained for a long time.

Today, we had two neighbor kids over at the house. I took the four of them out to the back yard and started up a game of Beach Ball Freeze Tag. Again, I was “it”. I had two beach balls this time. It’s a lot more challenging in a larger environment. The beach ball will only travel just so far before losing all of its velocity and being easy to dodge. I also instituted a new rule…if I threw and missed, then any of them could pick up the thrown ball and be a second “it”. To keep them from fighting over the ball, whoever touches the ball first is “it”, and if someone touches it second, then they are immediately frozen. Also…the two people who are “it” can attempt to freeze each other.

The challenge for the person who is “it” is to freeze all of the kids at the same time. The challenge for the kids is to learn to not clump together. It’s a lot more challenging and fun when they stay separated…makes the person who is “it” have to work harder.

Beach Ball Freeze TagBeach Ball Freeze TagBeach Ball Freeze Tag

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