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Bible Study at MMS and TechEd

Last year before MMS, I put out a call to see if anyone was interested in doing a Bible study during the week of MMS. I got a lot of very positive response, and so last year a group of us met in the morning before breakfast and spent some time studying the book of Philemon before the day started. Rod and Megan Trent volunteered to let us use their room to host the study. Around Thursday of that week, someone in the group mentioned that being the “1st Annual MMS Bible Study”.

So…who’s ready for the “2nd Annual” study? We are going to change the format up a bit this year. We’ll probably spend a bit more time in praise and worship than we did last year. Also…last year I intentionally chose a book of the Bible that people were likely to be unfamiliar with…this year we will be looking at a book that people are more likely to have read…Philippians. Specifically we will be looking at what that letter has to say about the way we treat those around us. I also plan to do a similar Bible Study at TechEd in LA this year.

So…who’s interested? If you are, please either send me an email or use this blog’s contact form. Let me know which of the two (MMS, TechEd or both) that you are interested in.

Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas or LA!

March 26, 2009 - Posted by | devotional, Jesus, MMS, TechEd


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  2. Let me know about the Bible Study.

    Comment by Mark Carroll | April 2, 2009

  3. Sounds intriguing… would love to.
    My first time at MMS, and first time in Vegas too.


    Comment by Mark Helotie | April 19, 2009

  4. That’s really cool! It’ll be my 3rd MMS, but the 1st knowing there’s an opportunity to share time with fellow believers in worship and Bible study. Please feel free to send me the details.

    Comment by Ross Turner | April 22, 2009

  5. 2009 was my first time as MMS. I can’t believe I missed the opportunity for a Bible study at the conference. I won’t miss next year (if i get to go the conference).

    Comment by Chad Simmons | July 20, 2009

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